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Richard Foley answers questions on the culture of research in academia

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Due to current political climate, questions on funding, and dwindling enrollment size, academia has never been as challenged as it is today. Richard Foley, a philosopher and former dean, pushes back against these critiques. He spoke to Oxford University Press editor, Peter Ohlin, on why the arts, humanities, and sciences research should be celebrated. Ohlin: Much of your recent research on the differences between the sciences and humanities is similar to C.P Snow’s famous essay from half a century ago, but you also issue a call for universities to defend a culture of research. What do you mean by “culture of research”? Foley: Above all it’s a culture that treasures and finds ways to support intellectual achievements, especially long-term ones. Among its presiding values is that not every inquiry should be assessed in terms of immediate usefulness. Many topics are such that it shouldn’t be quick and easy to have opinions about them. Ohlin: Why is it important for universities to. . .

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