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Kósmos Noetós

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2018.05.12 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Ivo Assad Ibri, Kósmos Noetós: The Metaphysical Architecture of Charles S. Peirce, Springer, 2017, 114 pp., $89.99 (hbk), ISBN 9873319663135. Reviewed by Rosa M. Calcaterra, Roma Tre University The English translation from the Portuguese language edition of Ivo Assad Ibri's pioneering book is very welcome news for the international community of scholars of Charles S. Peirce as well as a precious enrichment of the classic Anglo-American bibliography in the field. According to the original intention of its author, this work proves to be a "heuristic adventure" (xiii) through some of Peirce's writings which were still somewhat unexplored at that time of its first publication (1992). The great value of this book is to foster an integrated and systemic approach to Peirce's works routed through his scientific metaphysics. Ibri contends that the ontological architecture of Peirce's philosophy allows a more. . .

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