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IFL2 Chapter 20: Quantifiers

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Over the next few weeks, I plan to post here draft versions of some individual chapters  from the slowly evolving second edition of my Introduction to Formal Logic. I’m at the stage where feedback would be most welcome! Seeking reactions to a four hundred page book would be a really big ask, so I’m not going to do that. But I do hope that a few friendly readers might be tempted at least to look intermittently at some relatively short chapters! All comments, then,  most gratefully received, whether you are a student or a teacher — I’d especially like to know about places where I am less than ideally clear. And if you have some snappier examples or explanatory turns of phrase for me to steal, that would be great! Though, however wise and well-intentioned, I guess it is a bit late in the day for reactions along the lines of  ‘you really should be writing a quite different book’! You can either comment here or by email (address on the draft chapters). OK: please do. . .

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