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Kant and the Question of Theology

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2018.04.19 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Chris L. Firestone, Nathan A. Jacobs, and James H. Joiner (eds.), Kant and the Question of Theology, Cambridge University Press, 2017, pp.260, $99.99, ISBN 9781107116818. Reviewed by Stephen R. Palmquist, Hong Kong Baptist University/Sogang University This collection of twelve essays on various themes relating to Kant's theology and theory of religion is the latest contribution to a welcome trend in Kant-scholarship that has been steadily increasing for 25 years: to treat Kant's philosophical theology as seriously as Kant himself treated it. Before 1993 the number of books on this theme each decade could be counted on one hand; since the mid-1990s, multiple books have appeared each year. Chris L. Firestone and Nathan A. Jacobs have contributed significantly to this trend during the past twelve years, (co-)producing four volumes since 2006. The editors thus portray the trend as having significantly increased. . .

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