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Abortion Rights: For and Against

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2018.04.15 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Kate Greasley and Christopher Kaczor, Abortion Rights: For and Against, Cambridge University Press, 2018, 260pp., $29.99 (pbk), ISBN 9781316621851. Reviewed by M. T. Lu, University of St. Thomas (Minnesota) The editorial front matter in this volume claims that the book "gives readers a window into how moral philosophers argue about the contention issue of abortion rights." As a descriptive claim this strikes me as largely true. Unfortunately, how many "moral philosophers" actually do argue about this issue is not how they should. The book consists of two essays written (apparently independently) by Kate Greasley (pro-abortion) and by Christopher Kaczor (anti-abortion), followed by a response from each author to the other, and finally a short reply to each response. Greasley begins the central argumentative part of her essay in favor of abortion rights by conceding what she calls the "silver bullet," namely. . .

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