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Five books — Philosophy of Maths

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You may very well know the Five Books website, where a wide-ranging cast of contributors are asked “to make book recommendations in their area of work and explain their choices in an interview”. The recommendations are often quirky, sometimes even slightly bizarre, but rarely without interest. It’s an illuminating and fun project. There are a good number of topics in philosophy covered at Five Books, including some quite narrow ones. Though I am guessing that, reasonably enough, they are not going to get round to dealing with a topic of rather limited interest like the philosophy of mathematics. That thought sets me wondering: what five books in the area would I recommend in the same spirit as a Five Books posting. So here’s my selection — my selection today, at any rate: another day I might feel differently! Modern philosophy of mathematics is still shaped by debates starting over a century ago, springing from the work of Frege and Russell, and also from. . .

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News source: Logic Matters

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