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6/30/2010 NDPR-Latest Reviews

Raffaella De Rosa
Descartes and the Puzzle of Sensory Representation
Reviewed by David Clemenson, University of St. Thomas (Minnesota)
John Cottingham, Peter Hacker (eds.)
Mind, Method, and Morality: Essays in Honour of Anthony Kenny
Reviewed by Robert Pasnau, University of Colorado at Boulder
Geert Roskam
Plutarch's "Maxime cum principibus philosopho esse disserendum": An Interpretation with Commentary
Reviewed by Myrto Hatzimichali, University College London
Michael Strevens
Depth: An Account of Scientific Explanation
Reviewed by Stephan Hartmann, Tilburg University and Jonah N. Schupbach, University of Pittsburgh
Stephen Salkever (ed.)
The Cambridge Companion to Ancient Greek Political Thought
Reviewed by Steven Skultety, University of Mississippi-Oxford
Nicolas de Warren
Husserl and the Promise of Time: Subjectivity in Transcendental Phenomenology
Reviewed by Kenneth Knies, Husserl Archives, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Samuel Gregg, James Stoner (eds.)
Profit, Prudence and Virtue: Essays in Ethics, Business and Management
Reviewed by John R. Boatright, Loyola University Chicago
Neven Leddy, Avi S. Lifschitz (eds.)
Epicurus in the Enlightenment
Reviewed by Michael W. Hickson, University of Winnipeg
Niccolò Guicciardini
Isaac Newton on Mathematical Certainty and Method
Reviewed by Michael Nauenberg, University of California, Santa Cruz
George G. Brenkert, Tom L. Beauchamp (eds.)
The Oxford Handbook of Business Ethics
Reviewed by Matt Zwolinski, University of San Diego

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