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altPhilosophy Graduate Placement Reports
Data on how philosophy majors place in jobs after they graduate. Reports cover MA as well as Ph.D. graduates.

altUnlocking the Tension Between Faith and Reason
Essays that explore the relationship between faith and reason, religion and science, existentialism and rationality, the good and the bad – a rose by any other name . . .

altThe Gettier Problem: A Study 
In this series, Paul looks at the seemingly intractable “Gettier Problem” and proposes that we focus on the belief condition as a way to solve it. 

altTable Talk
Essays on important philosophical topics written in a way that even philosophers can understand. Hosted by Richard Pimentel.

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Classic PNS essays on current events in philosophy. Since these are about the past, perhaps this feature should be called “What Happened in Philosophy.”



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Talk to your kids about philosophy while there’s still time
The Daily Owl 1-5-2018
The most effective people are introverts who are extroverted in small groups of people. Or very large ones.

Henchpersons and the Problem of Induction
by Patrick Miller The Venture Brothers, a long-running Cartoon Network series, often plays on tropes and themes common in action shows and comics. In the clip, from the episode titled “The Lepidopteri
University to “Align” Philosophy Major with Catholic Studies
The trustees of Newman University, a Catholic university in Kansas, have approved a plan proposed by the administration that will revise its philosophy and theology programs so that they “align
Minae Mizumura, both imaginatively cosmopolitan and linguistically rooted, exemplifies the change in what it means to be an immigrant writer
Minae Mizumura, both imaginatively cosmopolitan and linguistically rooted, exemplifies the change in what it means to be an immigrant
Lying: Language, Knowledge, Ethics, and Politics
2019.10.06 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Eliot Michaelson and Andreas Stokke (eds.), Lying: Language, Knowledge, Ethics, and Politics, Oxford University Press, 2018, 320pp.
Broad on the subject-matter of philosophy
A little while ago, I posted here, seeking an appreciative home for half a dozen of C.D. Broad’s books. I’m very pleased to have just found someone working on early analytic philosophy who is enthusia

Love of Wisdom

2606-Jenn-1x1-125pxWhat is Philosophy? In this article, I take a stab at describing what philosophy is and what philosophers do. My goal is to give a brief primer on the topic for those who aren’t quite sure what this abstract discipline is all about.

ReflectionThe Value of Philosophy. If you’ve never studied philosophy before, you may not be quite sure why you should. In this article I explain why philosophy has been so important to me and how it is a critical discipline for any of us who cares about the life of the mind.

Grunge_Knowledge_sm What is Knowledge? Knowledge is at the root of many challenges we face in a given day. Once you get past basic survival, we’re confronted with knowledge issues on almost every front. We make knowledge decisions all day, every day and some of those decisions deeply impact our lives and the lives of those around us.