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Job List:  Asia/Africa/Australasia Name of institution:  NYU Shanghai Town:  Shanghai Country:  China Job Description:  NYU Shanghai is currently inviting applications for a position at the rank of assistant, associate, or full professor in Philosophy. We seek candidates who have completed a Ph.D. in Philosophy. We invite applications from candidates in any field, but have special interest in those with expertise in moral or political philosophy and/or history of [More]

Dialetheism and its Applications

2020.10.03 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Adam Rieger and Gareth Young (eds.), Dialetheism and its Applications, Springer, 2019, 176pp., $119.00 (hbk), ISBN 9783030302207. Reviewed by Riccardo Bruni, University of Florence Dialetheism (or, more simply, "glut theory" as dual of familiar truth-value "gap theories") is the view according to which there are true contradictions. Quite a hard view to legitimate, which explains why it seems to have only very few genuine supporters. Yet, it is not, or it is supposed not to be, confused with the view according to which every contradiction is true, also known as "trivialism", which entails that there is not even something such as "true" different from "false" and everything is both true and false. To fortify the difference between glut theory and trivialism is possibly even a harder task, especially if one sticks to forms of reasoning somewhat committed to classical logic and the principle of ex-falso quodlibet, that... Read [More]

Religious Freedom and COVID-19

Lawsuits have been filed by some religious groups because of certain restrictions imposed in response to COVID-19. One obvious concern about these lawsuits is that churches have been among the super spreaders of COVID-19. The spreading, obviously, has nothing to do with religion but with people holding in person gatherings without masks and then going [More]

85 - The Internet and the Tyranny of Perceived Opinion

 Are we losing our liberty as a result of digital technologies and algorithmic power? In particular, might algorithmically curated filter bubbles be creating a world that encourages both increased polarisation and increased conformity at the same time? In today’s podcast, I discuss these issues with Henrik Skaug Sætra. Henrik is a political scientist working in the Faculty of Business, Languages and Social Science at Østfold University College in Norway. He has a particular interest in political theory and philosophy, and has worked extensively on Thomas Hobbes and social contract theory, environmental ethics and game theory. At the moment his work focuses mainly on issues involving the dynamics between human individuals, society and technology. You download the episode here or listen below. You can also subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify and other podcasting services (the RSS feed is here). Show NotesTopics discussed include: Selective Exposure and Confirmation Bias How algorithms curate our informational ecology Filter Bubbles Echo Chambers How the internet is created more internally conformist but externally polarised groups The nature of political freedom Tocqueville and the tyranny of the majority Mill and the importance of individuality How algorithmic curation of speech is undermining our liberty What can be done about this problem?Relevant Links Henrik's faculty homepage Henrik on [More]