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The Mind of the Good Ruler: How to Govern a State as if it were a Family.

 The Grand Duke of Tuscany, Leopold II (1797-1870) did something very peculiar for a ruler of a state: he left us a personal diary. It was a collection of handwritten notes that cover all the period of his rule as Grand Duke, up to when he was deposed in 1871. It was published in 1987. It is a fascinating document (unfortunately existing only in Italian, as far as I know) that allows us a rare chance of a glimpse of how the mind of a ruler works -- in this case a good ruler.   Why are our leaders so bad? Maybe it is us who always choose the worst possible persons for the job? But are they bad at the start, or do they go bananas as things go on? It would be nice to be able to understand what goes on inside the head of leaders, but they are people notoriously capable of cheating just about anyone, including themselves. And the main tool of the cheater is to hide what he is thinking.  Maybe we could know more if we could have the personal diary of some of those powerful figures, but they don't usually keep diaries. That's probably part of their habit of keeping hidden what they really think. But sometimes we do have documents that open a view for us inside the head of these people. I already discussed the case of Benito Mussolini on the basis of the diary kept by his son-in-law, Galeazzo Ciano. Mussolini was an almost paradigmatic bad leader and here I would try to contrast his approach to ruling with another figure of leader who, under many respects, [More]

Voter/Election Fraud

  As this is being written it appears that Joe Biden has won the presidential election. Trump is claiming that Biden won through fraud, something that even Fox News has greeted with some skepticism. Trump even claimed, without evidence, that voter fraud occurred in the election he won in 2016. Some of his supporters are [More]

Biden Predictions

Assuming that Biden does win; I am inviting people to go on the record with predictions about what will occur under a Biden regime. Trump has, of course, predicted a dystopia: a communist hell scape of cities ruled by Antifa. My predictions are these: Biden will push for small tax increases on those making over [More]

Corrections, corrections …

I at last hit the “publish” button for Gödel Without (Too Many) Tears as an Amazon print-on-demand book; and within less than a day of its going live, I received a list of corrections and suggestions based on a late draft. … Continue reading → The post Corrections, corrections … appeared first on Logic [More]

In Praise of a Dying Empire: America, the Beautiful

When I was a young postdoc, I was staying with my wife in a small house in the suburbs of New York. We couldn't afford much in terms of furniture but, behind our bed, we had hung a big American flag. America gave me a job, a career, a language, a way of seeing the world, and much more. America the promise, America the land of the free, America the beautiful, America the wonderful. But is also true that, "For every nation is a specified term. When their time has come, then they will not remain behind an hour, nor will they precede it." Sūrat l-aʿrāf (The Heights), Verse (7:34).United States: An Obituaryby Richard HeinbergThe United States of America was problematic from the start. It was founded on genocide and slavery, and, while frequently congratulating itself on the rights and freedoms it granted its citizens, never managed to confront the demons in its past. The question would arise repeatedly, generation after generation: rights and freedoms for whom?...In short, we are living through the fall of a great power. With it will go a unique way of organizing the world. The symbolism of president Trump cowering in an underground bunker beneath the White House in late May couldn’t be plainer.It is reasonable to ask whether the United States will continue to exist as a unified nation for much longer. The federal government has become so incompetent as to be increasingly irrelevant to the solution of many pressing problems—and a new face in the White House may not change the [More]

Frate Filippo di Tommaso dipintore

In another world, we would have gone to Florence again this year before spring, before the tourists really return. Out of season, the city becomes a delight,  the galleries and churches peaceful, the cafés and restaurants recovered by the locals. … Continue reading → The post Frate Filippo di Tommaso dipintore appeared first on Logic [More]