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Moral Disagreement

[New Entry by Folke Tersman on December 8, 2021.] Appeals to moral disagreement have figured in philosophical discussions since antiquity, especially regarding questions about the nature of morality. An example is provided by Sextus Empiricus, who in a famous passage concludes (in Richard Bett's translation) that "there is nothing by nature good or bad" from the observation that "the same thing is thought bad by one person and good by another" (Against the Ethicists, 14). It [More]

The Emotions in Early Chinese Philosophy

[New Entry by Bongrae Seok on December 6, 2021.] In many schools of Western philosophy and psychology, emotions are understood as inner subjective feelings that are sharply contrasted with the intellectual faculties of the mind. In Chinese philosophy, however, emotions are not fully explained by inner subjective feelings or inexplicable passions. Rather, they are understood as interactive, responsive, and holistic affectivity that plays broad psychological, cognitive, and moral roles in one's understanding of the world (its objective reality, nature of things, and their situations [More]