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Deleuze's Bergsonism

2019.03.21 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Craig Lundy, Deleuze's Bergsonism, Edinburgh University Press, 2018, 182pp., $29.95 (pbk), ISBN 9781474414319. Reviewed by Keith Ansell-Pearson, University of Warwick A notable feature of Gilles Deleuze's philosophy is the way in which it extensively draws on the ideas of Bergson. Deleuze first began to write on Bergson in the 1950s, a time when Bergson's intellectual ascendancy in Europe and even America had well and truly fallen into decline. Himself unknown in the immediate post-Second World War period, Deleuze was writing innovative essays in the 1950s on a deeply unfashionable philosopher. Even when he did become well known Deleuze's interest in Bergson was treated by many in France and elsewhere with suspicion and even derision. Deleuze always defended his interest in Bergson and was right to do so. Today a major renaissance of interest is taking place in Bergson's texts and... Read [More]

Professor of Philosophy (Metaphysics)

Job List:  Europe Name of institution:  University of Amsterdam Town:  Amsterdam Country:  Netherlands Job Description:  The chair is part of the capacity group Philosophical Tradition in Context (PTC). This capacity group covers metaphysics broadly conceived, history of philosophy, non-western philosophy, and philosophy of science with an emphasis on the humanities and the social sciences, and/or on formal approaches. The successful candidate will be a specialist of international standing in metaphysics broadly conceived and with a perspective beyond the boundaries between the continental and analytic [More]

Maître-Assistant (30 %)

Job List:  Europe Name of institution:  Département de Philosophie Town:  Fribourg Country:  Switzerland Job Description:  Domaine d’activité: Enseignement (2 heures hebdomadaires) et recherche dans les domaines de la philosophie antique et de la philosophie du Moyen Age; collaboration aux activités des chaires de philosophie antique et de philosophie [More]

Nihilism and Philosophy: Nothingness, Truth and World

2019.03.19 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Gideon Baker, Nihilism and Philosophy: Nothingness, Truth and World, Bloomsbury, 2018, 239pp., $114.00 (hbk), ISBN 9781350035188. Reviewed by Robert Wicks, The University of Auckland The title of Gideon Baker's book is sufficiently broad to stimulate a variety of expectations. Given the theme of nihilism -- a concern potentially for everyone -- one might suppose that it would be easily accessible by a general audience, or to a philosophically educated audience (widely considered) to encourage reflection upon "meaning of life" issues that arise in the face of our uncertainty about the nature of the universe and our place within it. Since the word "nihilism" frequently invokes a reference to the Russian nihilist movement of the 1860s, or to Ivan Turgenev's novel, Fathers and Sons (1862), one might also expect some discussion of nihilism as it appears in 19th century Russian thought.


Frantz Fanon

[New Entry by John Drabinski on March 14, 2019.] Born on the island of Martinique under French colonial rule, Frantz Omar Fanon (1925 - 1961) was one of the most important writers in black Atlantic theory in an age of anti-colonial liberation struggle. His work drew on a wide array of poetry, psychology, philosophy, and political theory, and its influence across the global South has been wide, deep, and enduring. In his lifetime, he published two key original works: Black Skin, White Masks (Peau noire, masques blancs) in 1952 and The Wretched of the [More]