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God and Other Ultimates

[New Entry by Jeanine Diller on December 17, 2021.] What it takes to be ultimate is to be the most fundamentally real, valuable or fulfilling among all that there is or could be. Historically, philosophy of religion in the West has taken God to be ultimate. Over the past century, the field has become increasingly aware that ultimacy is grasped under different concepts in the world's religions, philosophies and quasi-religious philosophies - so not only as "God" but also as, e.g., "Brahman", "the Dao", [More]

Descartes’ Ethics

[Revised entry by Donald Rutherford on December 14, 2021. Changes to: Main text, Bibliography] Descartes is not well known for his contributions to ethics. Some have charged that it is a weakness of his philosophy that it focuses exclusively on metaphysics and epistemology to the exclusion of moral and political philosophy. Such criticisms rest on a misunderstanding of the broader framework of Descartes' philosophy. Evidence of Descartes' concern for the practical import of philosophy can be traced to his earliest writings. In agreement with the ancients, he identifies the goal of philosophy with the attainment of a wisdom [More]

Deflationism About Truth

[Revised entry by Bradley Armour-Garb, Daniel Stoljar, and James Woodbridge on December 14, 2021. Changes to: Main text, Bibliography] Deflationism about truth, what is often simply called "deflationism", is really not so much a theory of truth in the traditional sense, as it is a different, newer sort of approach to the topic. Traditional theories of truth are part of a philosophical debate about the nature of a supposed property of truth. Philosophers offering such theories often make suggestions like the following: truth consists in correspondence to the facts; truth consists in coherence with a set of beliefs or propositions; truth [More]