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Mathematical Structuralism, Essay 3

The third essay in The Pre-history of Mathematical Structuralism is by José Ferreirós and Erich H. Reck, on ‘Dedekind’s Mathematical Structuralism: From Galois Theory to Numbers, Sets, and Functions’. The title promises something rather more exciting than we get. Why? Let’s … Continue reading → The post Mathematical Structuralism, Essay 3 appeared first on Logic [More]

Conservative Arguments for Inheritance Reform

While Republicans are generally staunch defenders of inheritance, a consistent and principled conservative would want to reform the legal aspects of inheritance—perhaps even radically. While this might seem an absurd claim, bear with me as I advance the arguments. These arguments are based on professed conservative principles regarding what I will broadly call welfare—support provided [More]

From a small corner of Cambridge, 9

What news from the Rialto? Who knows? We are still avoiding the Rialto. As indeed are most of our friends. The hopelessly wavering and confused messaging from the  government, its perceived incompetence, has engendered among our generation very little confidence … Continue reading → The post From a small corner of Cambridge, 9 appeared first on Logic [More]

Three philosophical problems for curious people [reading list]

It is part of human nature to be curious and to want to know or learn something. There are papers that fulfil this yen for knowledge and explore some of the more unusual philosophical questions that you never knew you wanted to know the answer to, for example; What did the tortoise say to Achilles […] The post Three philosophical problems for curious people [reading list] appeared first on OUPblog.         Related StoriesA philosopher’s perspective on the cruelty of Donald Trump’s immigration policiesSix books to help us understand eating disordersWhat face masks and sex scandals have in [More]

Natural Theology and Natural Religion

[Revised entry by Andrew Chignell and Derk Pereboom on July 17, 2020. Changes to: Main text, Bibliography, notes.html] The term "natural religion" is sometimes taken to refer to a pantheistic doctrine according to which nature itself is divine. "Natural theology", by contrast, originally referred to (and still sometimes refers to)[1] the project of arguing for the existence of God on the basis of observed natural [More]