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Value Vagueness

While the Republican politicians in my adopted state of Florida profess to love freedom, they also have been busy passing laws to restrict freedom. To illustrate, Governor DeSantis has opposed mask mandates and vaccine passports on the professed grounds of fighting “medical authoritarianism.” However, the Governor and the Republican dominated state legislature have banned ‘critical [More]

Phenomenology: A Contemporary Introduction

2021.08.04 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Walter Hopp, Phenomenology: A Contemporary Introduction, Routledge, 2020, 323pp., $42.95 (pbk), ISBN 9780367497392. Reviewed by David Woodruff Smith, University of California, Irvine Walter Hopp's excellent book is an introduction to phenomenology in the spirit of Husserl's own conception of the discipline. I am reminded of Bertrand Russell's remark on A. J. Ayer's monograph: "A delightful book. I wish I had written it myself." What is insightful and delightful in Hopp's book is its dedicated focus on the problems of phenomenology, rather than the phenomenological tradition and its historical texts. Phenomenology as we know it -- this "new science" of consciousness -- was launched by Husserl in his monumental Logical Investigations (1900-01). Hopp works chapter by chapter on particular philosophical problems, deploying concepts and distinctions he draws largely from Husserl. Only in the final two chapters does he round out his take on the... Read [More]

Moral Phenomenology

[New Entry by John Drummond and Mark Timmons on August 25, 2021.] Sometimes the term "phenomenology" is used to refer to the subjective character of one's experiences or, as it is often glossed, their "what-it's-likeness". Used in this way, one may, for instance, focus on the what-it's-likeness of a sharp pain one is currently experiencing and perhaps attempt to describe the subjective character of that pain - its phenomenology. However, the term is also used as a label for a field of study, having a particular subject matter, methodology, and [More]