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A painter painted a masterpiece to express his observation of the world. However

Read another response about Art Art Share A painter painted a masterpiece to express his observation of the world. However, everyone's understanding of the same works is quite different, and the painter is not sure whether his or her works are reflected in others. The original meaning of some ancient paintings has long been unknown, or gradually distorted in the history of interpretation. What is the meaning of painting? Just speak to oneself? Can the meaning, or beauty, be transmitted among different [More]

Mighty Victims I: Advantages

The people who occupy positions of power (broadly defined) in the United States tend to be white, male, straight, and (profess to be) Christian. This can be confirmed by even a cursory look at who holds positions in government, business, and academics. Membership in these groups seems to confer a degree of advantage relative to [More]

84 - Social Media, COVID-19 and Value Change

Do our values change over time? What role do emotions and technology play in altering our values? In this episode I talk to Steffen Steinert about these issues. Steffen is a postdoctoral researcher on the Value Change project at TU Delft, Ph.D. His research focuses on the philosophy of technology, ethics of technology, emotions, and aesthetics. He has published papers on roboethics, art and technology, and philosophy of science. In his previous research he also explored philosophical issues related to humor and amusement.You can download the episode here or listen below. You can also subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify and other podcasting services (the RSS feed is here). Show Notes Topics discussed include: What is a value?Descriptive vs normative theories of valuePsychological theories of personal valuesThe nature of emotionsThe connection between emotions and valuesEmotional contagionEmotional climates vs emotional atmospheresThe role of social media in causing emotional contagionIs the coronavirus promoting a negative emotional climate?Will this affect our political preferences and policies?General lessons for technology and value change Relevant Links Steffen's HomepageThe Designing for Changing Values Project @ TU DelftCorona and Value Change by Steffen'Unleashing the Constructive Potential of Emotions' by Steffen and Sabine RoeserAn Overview of the Schwartz Theory of Basic Personal Values [More]

The Pavel Haas Quartet, concert at Brno

 These troubled times call for more music. So here are the Pavel Haas Quartet at the Janáček festival in Brno a few days ago. Immensely enjoyable. They play Martinu’s  7th Quartet (starting at 2.15); Janáček’s ‘Kreutzer Sonata’ Quartet (at … Continue reading → The post The Pavel Haas Quartet, concert at Brno appeared first on Logic [More]