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Sense Data

[New Entry by Gary Hatfield on August 2, 2021.] "Sense data", or "sense datum" in the singular, is a technical term in philosophy that means "what is given to sense". Sense data constitute what we, as perceiving subjects, are directly aware of in perceptual experience, prior to cognitive acts such as inferring, judging, or affirming that such-and-such objects or properties are present. In vision, sense data are typically described as patches exhibiting colors and shapes. For the other senses, they would manifest sounds, tastes, odors, [More]

The Contradictory Christ

2021.07.03 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Jc Beall, The Contradictory Christ, Oxford University Press, 2021, 208pp., $60.00 (hbk), ISBN 9780198852360. Reviewed by Eric Yang, Santa Clara University In this book, Jc Beall advances a novel approach to dealing with some of the logical worries related to the Christian doctrine of the incarnation. Traditional Christianity maintains that Jesus Christ is both divine and human, and something being divine entails that it is, inter alia, omnipotent and omniscient, and something being human entails that it is, inter alia, limited in power and limited in knowledge. So, it would seem to follow that Christ is both omnipotent and not omnipotent, and therefore the doctrine of the incarnation appears to be contradictory. Most philosophers and theologians who tackle this issue have attempted to show that the contradiction (or better, contradictions -- since there are putatively several complementary pairs attributable to Christ, such as being... Read [More]