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[New Entry by Raphael Woolf on January 14, 2022.] Marcus Tullius Cicero (106 - 43 BCE) is best known to posterity as a prominent statesman and orator in the tumultuous period of the late Roman republic. As well as being a leading political actor of his time, he also wrote voluminously. Among his writings, around a dozen philosophical works have come down to us. Philosophy was a lifelong passion for Cicero. In addition to what one might call his strictly philosophical compositions, much else of what he wrote - including his speeches, works on rhetoric, and a large collection [More]

Korean Philosophy

[New Entry by Halla Kim on January 14, 2022.] Korean philosophy presents basic and sweeping insights about the nature of human beings and their ways of communal life in society as well as the constitution of reality. Over the past two thousand years or so it has been gradually developing on the Korean peninsula and its adjacent areas sandwiched by the Chinese landmass mainly to the north and the Japanese archipelago mainly to the south. For Korean philosophers, philosophy and its actual practice in communal life typically go hand in hand. In his "Theses on Feuerbach" (1845), Karl Marx famously complained that philosophers have only interpreted the world without altering it. Marx's criticism, however, would be pointless if directed against Korean philosophy. For the latter has always been preoccupied with altering reality with its practice in the concrete daily context beyond "theories" (from the Greek verb, "theorein"). Korean Buddhism, Confucianism and other philosophies are, by their very nature, at bottom, practically oriented, regardless of any shortcomings they are occasionally perceived to have. Thus, Korean philosophy steadily emphasized self-cultivation, character building, and leadership in a community for the sake of promoting public good. In the familiar division of philosophy influenced by Western approaches, we commonly conceive it as being composed of three parts: metaphysics, ethics and epistemology. For Korean philosophy, this would be insufficient. For it [More]

Associate Lecturer in Political Philosophy

Job List:  Asia/Africa/Australasia Name of institution:  University of Sydney Town:  Sydney Country:  Australia Job Description:  • Full time, 3 years fixed term position, located in Camperdown Campus • Work alongside internationally renowned experts in the field • Base Salary $78,143 - $105,305 + 17% superannuation About the opportunity The School of Philosophical and Historical Inquiry (SOPHI) is seeking to appoint an Associate Lecturer in Political Philosophy who has an outstanding research profile and demonstrated teaching excellence. This is a fixed term (mid 2022 – mid 2025) Associate Lecturer (Level A) [More]