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The Stock Stock Argument

When I am critical of the current economic system in the United States a stock counter argument involves focusing on the claim that most Americans own stock. I suspect that the point of this argument is to contend that the system is a good one because most Americans own stock. It might also be aimed [More]

Death Determiners

If a person dies in the United States and is not in the care of a doctor, then any investigation into their cause of death will probably be conducted by a medical examiner or coroner. To qualify as a medical examiner, a person must be a physician and they are often board qualified in forensic [More]

The Republican Legitimacy Dilemma

With a few notable exceptions, Republican politicians are backing Trump’s big lie about the 2020 election. While most are not denying that Biden is President, they are reluctant to say that Biden won the election. They are also using the big lie to “justify” passing new restrictive voting laws. As such, they are claiming that [More]

What is the Republican Party’s Political Philosophy?

Since the United States has only two major parties, each party will include people with different political philosophies. For example, Joe Biden differs significantly from Bernie Sanders. The Republican Party has tended to be more ideologically homogenous, but it also contains some degree of diversity. Some might be tempted to dismiss concerns about political philosophy [More]

Good Faith & Politics

While it is tempting to think of politics as the art of lying, I contend that it requires good faith honesty. This is based on my very conventional pragmatic political philosophy. As would be expected, I accept that the legitimacy of the state rests on the consent of the governed; thinkers like Locke and Hobbes [More]

Corporations & Cancellation: Speech (Money)

Corporations such as Coca Cola, Delta and Major League Baseball condemned Georgia’s restrictive voter laws and some even took action by taking their business out of the state. This angered Senator Mitch McConnell and he warned corporations to “…stay out of politics.” Unironically, he hastened to add that this does not include political contributions. McConnell [More]

Florida: Recording Professors

As this is being written, a Republican bill has been passed in Florida that would allow students to record lectures without the professors’ consent. The bill also encourages students to report lectures they think are stifling “viewpoint diversity” on campuses. Republicans have claimed that this bill is intended as protection against “Marxist professors and students.” [More]

Was Spinoza a populist? [Long read]

Recent studies of Spinoza’s political theory in a contemporary perspective often place it in one of two categories, depicting him either as a defender of individual free speech and liberal democracy or as a champion of radical democracy and collective popular power. For some, he is something like a liberal supporter of the equal individual rights of all citizens to express whatever is on their mind, an early defender of “free speech.” The post Was Spinoza a populist? [Long read] appeared first on OUPblog.        Related StoriesThe coming refugee crisis: how COVID-19 exacerbates forced displacementWhat if COVID-19 had emerged in 1719?Can skepticism and curiosity get along? Benjamin Franklin shows they can [More]

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