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Democrats & Billionaires

For the left, the Koch brothers were the big billionaire bugbears. For the right, George Soros is the main money monster. While they have received most of the attention, there are other billionaires in politics. Somewhat ironically, the Democratic race included multiple billionaires…at least for a while. Their failures provide a context in which to [More]

Space Force

The Trump administration created the Space Force, to the delight of some and to the mockery of others. While I generally disagree with Trump on most matters, I do think that the creation of the Space Force was probably a good idea. This specific creation does raise general questions about when to unify and when [More]

Being a Good Philosopher-Activist

“Philosophers have an important role to play in bridging theoretical reflection with everyday life.”  Those are the words of Julinna Oxley, professor of philosophy at Coastal Carolina University, in “How to Be a (Good) Philosopher-Activist“, an article in the recent special issue of Essays in Philosophy on activism and philosophy, edited by Ramona Ilea (Pacific University). Professor Oxley is the co-founder of Grand Strand Action Together, a South Carolina non-profit group “devoted to protecting and defending our democracy and the American democratic ideals of liberty, equality, and justice.” In her article, she draws on her experiences as a philosopher and activist to provide some advice for other philosophers interested in activism, which she takes to be collaborative action aimed at social change. With such collaborative efforts, people can do what they’re good at. For philosophers, that might mean “contributing philosophical reflection, writing skills or oral argumentation,” and doing so with “rational integrity.” Philosopher-activists with rational integrity, Oxley writes, are honest, rational, logical, deliberative, and respectful: Honest — (a) use true, reliable, and trustworthy information and sources, (b) know the relevant and important social or historical facts surrounding their views. Rational — use reason to communicate and to facilitate communication; are careful, calm, insightful, [More]

The Conscience of Mitt Romney

Senator Mitt Romney made history by breaking with his party to vote to convict President Trump. Romney presented a well-crafted and well-argued speech that contrasts dramatically with the style and content of Trump’s speeches. I have, as one would suspect, been somewhat critical of Romney over the years, but I have always endeavored to be [More]


Griftocracy is, obviously enough, rule by griftocrats. This does not require that all power is in the hands of the griftocrats, just that they dominate.  In rough terms, a griftocrat is a grifter who has managed to secure public office and approaches this job primarily as a means to grift. What follows is a discussion [More]

The Dershowitz Defense

During the trial of Donald Trump Attorney Alan Dershowitz advanced a controversial argument in defense of the president. Dershowitz has attempted to explain that his argument was not as radical as it seemed. While the senate’s decision is a forgone conclusion, this defense is philosophically interesting. When asked by Ted Cruz about whether it mattered [More]

Two Sides Problem: Wicked Motives

While the various two sides problems can arise in many circumstances, the American two-party system provides an unfortunate exemplar. As this is being written, the Democrats are endeavoring to remove Trump from office. The Republicans, including some who savagely criticized Trump before he captured the Republican party, are endeavoring to keep him in place. As [More]

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