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Can’t Say Anything Anymore

Some claim that political correctness has gone to far and that one cannot say anything anymore. As evidence, people point to examples of celebrities who have gotten in trouble for saying things that some regard as racist, homophobic or sexist. They also point to existence of trigger warnings, safe spaces and cases in which speakers [More]

Why there is a moral duty to vote

In recent years, democracies around the world have witnessed the steady rise of anti-liberal, populist movements. In the face of this trend, some may think it apposite to question the power of elections to protect cherished democratic values. Among some (vocal) political scientists and philosophers today, it is common to hear concern about voter incompetence, which allegedly explains why democracy stands on shaky ground in many places. Do we do well in thinking of voting as a likely threat to fair governance? Julia Maskivker propose a case for thinking of voting as a vehicle for justice, not a paradoxical menace to democracy. The post Why there is a moral duty to vote appeared first on OUPblog.         Related StoriesWhy young people suffer more from pollutionWhat universities get wrong about free speechIntroducing the nominees for Place of the Year [More]


When billionaires are criticized for having an excess of unearned wealth, their defenders like to point out that many billionaires are philanthropists. Bill Gates is famous for his foundation, Jeff Bezos has given millions to his charities, and the Koch brothers have spent lavishly in such areas as higher education and medical research. One stock [More]

Republicans & Conspiracy Theories

During the Trump impeachment hearing some of Trump’s Republican defenders in congress advanced various conspiracy theories. Trump himself is quite the aficionado of conspiracy theories, and is well known for pushing the absurd birtherism.  During her testimony Dr. Fiona Hill pointed out that these theories had been soundly debunked and also chastised the House members [More]

An Interesting Defense

If you ask the Democrats, one reason that Trump should be impeached is that he tried to extort Ukraine to investigate a long-debunked conspiracy about Joe Biden and his son. Put in more general terms, it could be said that one reason the Democrats want to impeach Trump is that he tried to push an [More]

Crying Voter Fraud

After winning the electoral college and losing the popular vote, Donald Trump alleged voter fraud. He went on to promise a “major investigation” into voter fraud, which failed to support his claim. As it stands, there is no evidence of rampant voter fraud in the 2016 election. It must be noted that absence of evidence [More]

Two Sides Problem: Presidential Responsibility

Baghdadi, the ISIS leader who proclaimed a short-lived caliphate, was recently killed by American forces. While the ISIS brand will continue to be a threat, this killing was a significant accomplishment. As would be expected, comparisons were immediately drawn between Obama’s announcement of the killing of bin Laden. Both leaders made the announcement in their [More]

Trump & Lynching

Trump recently tweeted a comparison between his impeachment process and lynching. Since “lynching” carries a bloody and brutal historical burden in the United States, this ignited the usual firestorm. Critics of the president chastised him for using the term, some Republicans expressed mild dismay at his word choice and others insisted that the president was [More]

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