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Vulnerability, Freedom, and Political Transformation

by Laura McMahon On January 9, 1961 in Athens, Georgia, 19-year-old Charlayne Hunter-Gault and 19-year-old Hamilton Holmes became the first African American students to enroll at the University of Georgia after a two-year administrative and legal battle. This occasion was not welcomed peacefully by many of their prospective white classmates: Hunter-Gault’s and Holmes’s enrolment was [More]

Fashion and Feminism

by Amie Leigh Zimmer Philosophers and feminists have always agreed on one thing: fashion is not a topic that merits serious philosophical consideration. Karen Hanson argues that this unexpected alliance between feminism and philosophy results from fashion’s association with ephemerality, instability, and change: all of which run counter to a philosophical quest for eternal and [More]

The Mesoamerican Philosophy Renaissance

500 years after the conquistadors began burning books written by the original philosophers of Mexico and Guatemala, America’s classical thinking now rise like a phoenix from the ashes. Nahua and Maya philosophy hand us a mirror for our era. On October 1st, the renowned emeritus professor Miguel León-Portilla (1926–2019) passed away in Tenochtitlan, better known [More]

“This Bill Would Create a Crime”: Time, State Practices, and the California Gender Recognition Act

by Marie Draz On October 15, 2017, the California Gender Recognition Act (CGRA) was signed into law. It went into effect on January 1, 2019. The CGRA adds a third gender option— designated as the “non-binary option” and marked with the letter “x”— for all state-issued identity documents. Notably, the legislation also removes several barriers [More]

How to Philosophize with an Affinity of Hammers: Censorship and Reproductive Freedom in France

by Jill Drouillard On Oct. 24, 2019, French philosopher Sylviane Agacinski was scheduled to speak at the Université de Bordeaux-Montaigne on « l’être humain à l’époque de sa reproductibilité technique » [the human being in the era of its technological reproducibility]. Amidst “violent threats” and their purported inability to assure the safety of Agacinski, the organizers cancelled [More]

F.E.A.S.T. Conference 2019

by Jamie Ritzo and Laura Brown October 3-6, 2019 marked the tenth official FEAST (Feminist Ethics and Social Theory) Conference, along with the 20-year anniversary of the first FEAST proto-conference. Feminist scholars convened in Clearwater Beach, Florida to this year’s theme: “The Future of Feminist Ethics: Intersectionality, Epistemology, and Grace.” We are unable to discuss [More]

When Home Isn’t: Feminist Philosophy and the U.S. Foster Care System

by Katherine Davies On any given day, approximately 400,000 children are active recipients of the U.S. welfare program known as the foster care system. There are nearly as many different kinds of stories that intersect with foster care as there are children implicated in it. Common themes emerge repeatedly in many of these stories pertaining [More]

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Dr. Robert McKim
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Dr. Alvin Plantinga
  • on Where the Conflict Really Lies
  • Emeritus Professor of Philosophy (UND)
  • Focuses on Epistemology, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Religion
  • Ph.D. Yale

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Dr. Peter Boghossian
  • on faith as a cognitive sickness
  • Teaches Philosophy at Portland State University (Oregon)
  • Focuses on atheism and critical thinking
  • Has a passion for teaching in prisons
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