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Clive James

Clive James’s death at his home in Cambridge on 24 November has just been announced. He survived to his surprise and gratitude ten years after a first terminal diagnosis, thanks to the wonders of the hospital here. He leaves, along … Continue reading → The post Clive James appeared first on Logic [More]

Structuralism in the Philosophy of Mathematics

Just to note the arrival at the Stanford Encyclopedia of a new entry ‘Structuralism in the Philosophy of Mathematics’ by Erich Reck and Georg Schiemer. Two features of this entry are potentially particularly useful. First, there is an attempt to provide … Continue reading → The post Structuralism in the Philosophy of Mathematics appeared first on Logic [More]

Postcard from Monte Carlo

A few days in the sun. Such fortuitous good weather. Shirtsleeves at breakfast, sitting outside on the hotel terrace. Our first time here (visiting family, as it happens), and a considerable surprise in many ways. The urban environment in particular … Continue reading → The post Postcard from Monte Carlo appeared first on Logic [More]

Uniquely parsing Polish notation?

Another end-of-chapter exercise in IFL2 very briefly introduces Polish notation for propositional logic, and invites you to construe a few Polish wffs, and (going in the other direction) to render some standard wffs into prefix Polish. So far, so easy! … Continue reading → The post Uniquely parsing Polish notation? appeared first on Logic [More]

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Interview with

Dr. Robert McKim
  • on Religious Diversity
  • Professor of Religion and Professor of Philosophy
  • Focuses on Philosophy of Religion
  • Ph.D. Yale

Interview with

Dr. Alvin Plantinga
  • on Where the Conflict Really Lies
  • Emeritus Professor of Philosophy (UND)
  • Focuses on Epistemology, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Religion
  • Ph.D. Yale

Interview with

Dr. Peter Boghossian
  • on faith as a cognitive sickness
  • Teaches Philosophy at Portland State University (Oregon)
  • Focuses on atheism and critical thinking
  • Has a passion for teaching in prisons
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