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What does the word "express" mean in the context of art? I tell my third-grade

ShareArtRead another response about ArtWhat does the word "express" mean in the context of art? I tell my third-grade class to "express themselves" when we do craft activities. But the fact is that I've always used the word "express" as to do with language and as meaning something like translating a thought into language. But when an artist "expresses herself" by creating, say, a 5m-tall statue of an big orange man, is that really anything to do with language? Is creating the object the same as writing the words, "a 5m-tall statue of a big orange man"? Is the word "express" even appropriate? View the discussion [More]

What can we learn from meme culture?

If you go on-line, the chances are that you have encountered memes. What exactly is a meme? Some people take memes to be simply images with added text. The artist Barbara Kruger is often cited as a pre-internet forerunner of this practice. The post What can we learn from meme culture? appeared first on OUPblog.         Related StoriesCelebrating notable women in philosophy: Philippa FootAre our fantasies immune from morality?The maestro speaks: Ennio Morricone on life and [More]

Enactment, Politics, and Truth: Pauline Themes in Agamben, Badiou, and Heidegger

2019.03.06 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Antonio Cimino, Enactment, Politics, and Truth: Pauline Themes in Agamben, Badiou, and Heidegger, Bloomsbury, 2018, 179pp., $120.00 (hbk), ISBN 9781501341014. Reviewed by Duane Armitage, The University of Scranton This book presents an in-depth analysis of the various interpretations of St. Paul by Martin Heidegger, Giorgio Agamben, and Alain Badiou. Specifically, it focuses on each thinker's appropriation of Pauline pistis (faith, belief) as a segue into broader Postmodern critiques of metaphysics and of rationality. Cimino frames his book by posing the question: Why St. Paul? That is, what are the motivations for philosophers engaging and appropriating St. Paul as a philosopher? Cimino's answer (and thesis) is simply that St. Paul remains of interest to philosophers as a kind of antidote to traditional metaphysical and onto-theological frameworks, and, consequently, as a means to rethinking notions of politics, truth, and their interrelation. In my estimation, Cimino succeeds in developing his thesis... Read [More]

Remembering From the Outside: Point of View in Visual Imagery

Theories of sensory imagination often make a distinction between first-personal or ‘subjective’ imagery, in which one views an imagined scene from-the-inside, and third-personal or ‘objective’ imagery, in which one sees oneself from-the-outside.[1] For example, if you are imagining swimming you may feel the cold and pull of the water, and [More]

Remembering From the Outside: An Anomalous Point of View?

Remembering from-the-outside involves adopting a point of view that one didn’t occupy at the time of the original event. In this sense, the visual perspective of observer memories seems somehow ‘anomalous’. Here I articulate two related objections to genuine memories being recalled from-the-outside: (1) the argument from perceptual impossibility; and [More]

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