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Recently Published Book Spotlight: Overdoing Democracy

This edition of the Recently Published Book Spotlight is about Robert Talisse’s book Overdoing Democracy. Robert Talisse is W. Alton Jones Professor of Philosophy at Vanderbilt University. He specializes in political philosophy, with focus on democracy, liberalism, and political disagreement. In addition, he maintains research interests in American pragmatism, argumentation theory, and social epistemology. What is [More]

Caribbean Philosophical Association’s 2020 Award Winners

The Caribbean Philosophical Association is pleased to announce the 2020 recipients of the association’s awards for contributions to philosophical thought, literature, and mentorship: Nicolás Cristóbal Guillén Batista Lifetime Achievement Award Frankétienne Haki Madhubuti   Nicolás Cristóbal Guillén Batista Outstanding Achievements Dionne Brand The Frantz Fanon Lifetime Achievement Award María Lugones   Stuart Hall Outstanding Mentorship Award Raymond (“Ray”) Rocco  [More]

A Good Place for Philosophy?

by Martine Mussies At the beginning of the 21st century, the philosophical discourse concerning good and evil seems to be subsumed into three major areas; meta-ethics which describes the nature of good and bad, normative ethics concerning how human beings ought to behave and applied ethics which attends to particular moral issues. All three of [More]

The Mesoamerican Philosophy Renaissance

500 years after the conquistadors began burning books written by the original philosophers of Mexico and Guatemala, America’s classical thinking now rise like a phoenix from the ashes. Nahua and Maya philosophy hand us a mirror for our era. On October 1st, the renowned emeritus professor Miguel León-Portilla (1926–2019) passed away in Tenochtitlan, better known [More]

Hanétha Vété-Congolo, President of the Caribbean Philosophical Association

by Lewis Gordon Dr. Hanétha Vété-Congolo, Professor of Romance Languages and an affiliate in the Latin American Studies Program and the Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies Program at Bowdoin College, was elected President of the Caribbean Philosophical Association (CPA) in August 2019.  She began her three-year term on January 1, 2020. Professor Vété-Congolo earned doctorate [More]

“This Bill Would Create a Crime”: Time, State Practices, and the California Gender Recognition Act

by Marie Draz On October 15, 2017, the California Gender Recognition Act (CGRA) was signed into law. It went into effect on January 1, 2019. The CGRA adds a third gender option— designated as the “non-binary option” and marked with the letter “x”— for all state-issued identity documents. Notably, the legislation also removes several barriers [More]

Philosophy as a Transitional Genre: On Richard Rorty’s Intellectual Bequest

Recently, the Richard Rorty Society hosted the second international conference at Penn State University, with the title “Rorty’s Ethics.” The conference took place November 22-24th, 2019 at the Nittany Lion Inn, in State College. For this second international conference, Prof. Robert Brandom was the keynote speaker. The responses to his two plenaries were delivered by [More]

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Dr. Robert McKim
  • on Religious Diversity
  • Professor of Religion and Professor of Philosophy
  • Focuses on Philosophy of Religion
  • Ph.D. Yale

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Dr. Alvin Plantinga
  • on Where the Conflict Really Lies
  • Emeritus Professor of Philosophy (UND)
  • Focuses on Epistemology, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Religion
  • Ph.D. Yale

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Dr. Peter Boghossian
  • on faith as a cognitive sickness
  • Teaches Philosophy at Portland State University (Oregon)
  • Focuses on atheism and critical thinking
  • Has a passion for teaching in prisons
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