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Formal Theories of Truth

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No one can say that Jc Beall, Michael Glanzberg and David Ripley have rattled on at self-indulgent length in their new OUP book Formal Theories of Truth. Just 119 small pages of main text. My kind of book, these days! It’s elegantly organized, lively and engaging. First a general but carefully spelt-out version of a Liar Paradox derivation is set out. Then various options for escape are outlined. There’s a chapter on changing our inference rules for connectives, a chapter on restricting the inferences between P and T[P], a chapter on digging into the substructure of our logic, a short chapter on other directions to take. This is one very neat way of putting some order into the ramifying debates of formal treatments of the Liar. (It reads like an extended Stanford Encylopedia article — and indeed, that’s in effect what it is.) The book is aimed, the authors say, at interested readers ‘with a little bit of formal logic training (even a first course in. . .

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