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John Locke: The Philosopher as Christian Virtuoso

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2018.03.22 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Victor Nuovo, John Locke: The Philosopher as Christian Virtuoso, Oxford University Press, 2017, 320pp., $70.00, ISBN 9780198800552. Reviewed by Elliot Rossiter, Douglas College Victor Nuovo’s book is the fruit of years of careful and thorough study of Locke’s theological writings. This book is the culmination of his prior substantial work on the theological and religious dimension of Locke’s thought. Nuovo’s key argument is that Locke should be understood as a “Christian virtuoso”: someone who sought to combine the new experimental natural philosophy (espoused especially within the Royal Society of London) with the commitment of a practicing Christian. According to Nuovo, it is important to understand Locke as a Christian virtuoso, for theological themes are present throughout all of his major works and can be helpful in seeing points of continuity and coherence between them. The first three chapters... . . .

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