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Button & Walsh: Philosophy and Model Theory

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It is always pleasing to be able to warmly recommend a new book. So let me enthusiastically draw your attention to this newly published book by Tim Button and Sean Walsh, Philosophy and Model Theory, just published by OUP. (The pbk is £30 — but this is xvi + 517 larger-format and action-packed pages, so we certainly can’t complain!) This is a unique book, both explaining technical results in model theory (eventually at a pretty non-trivial level), and exploring the appeals to model theory in various branches of philosophy, particularly philosophy of mathematics, but in metaphysics more generally (recall ‘Putnam’s model-theoretic argument’), the philosophy of science, philosophical logic and more. So that’s a very scattered literature that is being expounded, brought together, examined, inter-related, criticised and discussed. Button and  Walsh don’t pretend to be giving the last word on the many and varied topics they discuss; but they are. . .

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