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Counterfactuals and Probability

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2018.03.10 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Moritz Schulz, Counterfactuals and Probability, Oxford University Press, 236pp., $70.00, ISBN 9780198785958. Reviewed by Holger Andreas, University of British Columbia This is an exciting investigation of the semantics of counterfactuals that I highly recommend to both experts and people who want to catch up with recent results in the literature. It addresses both epistemic and metaphysical aspects of counterfactuals, and develops a novel refinement of the standard semantics. After a brief description of the scope of the investigation, I will describe and discuss this refinement in greater detail. I leave out certain other topics that are not in the central focus of the study, such as the issue of triviality. The study is about uncertain counterfactuals. Of particular interest are counterfactuals for which we have a high degree of belief, but which fail to come... Read More

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