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Reference and Representation in Thought and Language

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2018.03.04 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews María de Ponte and Kepa Korta (eds.), Reference and Representation in Thought and Language, Oxford University Press, 2017, 283 pp., $85.00, ISBN 9780198714217. Reviewed by Antonio Capuano, Auburn University This is a welcome addition to the ongoing debate on reference. Both philosophers of language and linguists contributed to the volume, and the topics of the papers vary considerably. However, as the editors explain in the introduction, "one relevant element common to all contributions is that . . . even if none of them questions that singular terms are typically used to refer directly to individual objects, most of them address issues beyond reference" (2). The book can be of interest to both graduate students and scholars that work in philosophy of language, linguistics, and philosophy of mind. Given the limited space I have in this review, I'll say something about each paper, aware I am not able to. . .

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