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Pragmatism: From Peirce and James to Ramsey and Wittgenstein

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2018.03.03 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Cheryl Misak, Cambridge Pragmatism: From Peirce and James to Ramsey and Wittgenstein, Oxford University Press, 2016, 321pp., $50.00, ISBN 9780198712077. Reviewed by Claudine Tiercelin, Collège de France The story of the relationships between certain trends of twentieth-century British philosophy and American pragmatism has, in a sense, been told many times, in books on the history of pragmatism (Thayer 1968), early analytic philosophy (Skorupski 1993), Russell (Vuillemin 1968), Moore (Baldwin 1990), and in many works devoted to Peirce (Hookway 1985), Ramsey (Mellor 1980, Sahlin 1990, Dokic and Engel 2002), Wittgenstein (McGuiness 1985), and the Vienna Circle (Stadler 1997). But Cheryl Misak gives to this familiar narrative a new twist. She concentrates on what happened roughly between 1900 and 1951, and suggests that we take as a key to this period the relationship that the founders of analytic philosophy. . .

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