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Aristotle on Practical Truth

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2018.02.26 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews C.M.M. Olfert, Aristotle on Practical Truth, Oxford, 2017, 260 pp., $74.00, ISBN 9780190281007. Reviewed by Joachim Aufderheide, King's College London This study aims to show that the notion of practical truth is indispensable to Aristotle's ethics. It pursues its goal in six chapters. The first two, introductory, chapters -- one on Plato and one on misinterpreting Aristotle -- prepare the ground for the core of the book, a sustained treatment of Aristotle's conception of practical truth. Chapter three is a lightly revised version of Olfert's prize-winning article 'Aristotle's Conception of Practical Truth' (JHP, 2014), arguing that practical truth is both truth in the proper sense of 'truth' and a special kind of truth. Chapter four spells out the connection between practical truth and the other functions of practical reason, explaining how wish, decision, and action all express practical reason's. . .

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