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Philosophical Expertise, Deference, and Intransigence

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Here's a familiar puzzle: David Lewis was a better philosopher than me, and certainly knew more and had thought more carefully about issues surrounding the metaphysics of modality.  He concluded that modal realism was true: that every concrete way that a world could be is a way that some concrete universe truly is (and that these concrete universes serve to ground modal truths -- truths about what is or is not possible).  But most of us don't feel the slightest inclination to defer to his judgement on this topic.  (I might defer to physicists on the 'Many Worlds' Interpretation of quantum mechanics, but that's a different matter.)  Are we being irrational?A familiar response: philosophical 'experts' themselves disagree.  Kripke, for example, may be weighed against Lewis on this topic.  But then it might seem to follow that I should suspend judgment entirely: if even the top experts on the topic cannot agree, what hope do I have of coming to a. . .

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