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Using Words and Things: Language and Philosophy of Technology

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2018.02.15 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Mark Coeckelbergh, Using Words and Things: Language and Philosophy of Technology, Routledge, 2017, 295 pp., $140.00, ISBN 9781138694163.   Reviewed by Krzysztof Ziarek, University at Buffalo While the title aptly reflects the cluster of issues and relations discussed by Coeckelbergh, the book's focus is the philosophy of technology and its main aim is to inquire into and begin articulating in new and more complex ways the relationship between technology and language. This undertaking comes as a response to what the author perceives as "a gap between philosophy of technology and philosophy of language" (8). To remedy the lack of systematic reflection in contemporary philosophy of technology on the relation between technology and language, Coeckelbergh engages with a wide spectrum of texts not only in philosophy of technology but also, and primarily, in philosophy of language, postmodern thought and. . .

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