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Kant and the Scottish Enlightenment

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2018.02.14 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Elizabeth Robinson and Chris W. Surprenant (eds.), Kant and the Scottish Enlightenment, Routledge, 2018, 367pp., $140.00, ISBN 9781138207011 Reviewed by Sam Fleischacker, University of Illinois, Chicago This book is a festschrift for Manfred Kuehn. No topic could be more fitting for such a volume. As Paul Guyer says, at the opening of his contribution, "No one has done more than Manfred Kuehn to impress on us the importance of Scottish philosophy for Kant." If anything, this understates the significance of Kuehn's work. Kuehn offers a nice summary of some of the main points of his scholarship here, in which he stresses, inter alia, how much the Scottish influence on Kant may help explain why Scotland became one of the central venues for the reception of Kant's own work. "There appears to be no place outside of Germany where Kant's thought was assimilated so readily, so thoroughly,... Read More

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