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Communities of Respect: Grounding Responsibility, Authority, and Dignity

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2018.02.10 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Bennett W. Helm, Communities of Respect: Grounding Responsibility, Authority, and Dignity, Oxford University Press, 2017, 256pp., $65.00, ISBN 9780198801863. Reviewed by Caroline T. Arruda, The University of Texas at El Paso On P.F. Strawson's influential account of the reactive attitudes, we are justified in holding both ourselves and others morally responsible just in case it is appropriate to praise or blame them (or ourselves) for their (or our) actions. But when it is appropriate to do so? In this ambitious and complex book, Bennett Helm argues that a complete account of these attitudes (and a sentimentalist account of the emotions more broadly) requires an explanation of the social grounds of respect and the attendant notions of authority and dignity, which he contends a standard Strawsonian account cannot provide. But in what sense are these concepts conceptually or explanatorily connected to one. . .

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