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Science and Religion in Wittgenstein's Fly-Bottle

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2018.02.08 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Tim Labron, Science and Religion in Wittgenstein's Fly-Bottle, Bloomsbury, 2017, 152pp., $25.99, ISBN 9781501305894. Reviewed by Yuval Avnur, Scripps College Tim Labron argues that the much-discussed conflict between science and religion is an illusion created by a confused sort of realism. Wittgenstein and Bohr, with some help from Labron and others, can help us get unconfused. Once we renounce realism, we see that science and religion are two "non-overlapping magisteria" after all, though perhaps not in the sense intended by Steven Jay Gould (who made that phrase famous in his 1999 book, Rock of Ages). The conflict between science and religion, as "new atheists" such as Richard Dawkins see it, is straightforward: Science and religion both attempt to describe and explain the world, but these explanations and descriptions are incompatible. This is often followed by... Read More

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