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Philosophical Provocations: 55 Short Essays

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2018.02.06 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Colin McGinn, Philosophical Provocations: 55 Short Essays, MIT Press, 2017, 317pp., $35.00 (hbk), ISBN 9780262036191. Reviewed by Simon Blackburn, University of Cambridge As should be expected, Colin McGinn's collection of essays displays many virtues. It is bold, original, intelligent, and the product of many years of deep acquaintance with a wide range of philosophical problems and their recent treatments. It is beautifully clear, and a good advertisement for the short, self-contained, jargon-free essay. It is also, as the title promises, provocative, both in the bland sense of provoking thought, which anyone writing as a philosopher would hope to do, and in the spicier sense of being unafraid of treading on many peoples' toes, or even, perhaps, hoping to do so. At any rate, its author emerges as a large-scale contrarian, impatiently opposed to many movements in contemporary philosophical thought, and. . .

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