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2018.02.02 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Eyjólfur K. Emilsson, Plotinus, Routledge, 2017, 410 pp., $35.95 (pbk), ISBN 9780415333498. Reviewed by Luc Brisson, Centre Jean Pépin (CNRS) Overall, this work constitutes a general introduction to Plotinus that is pleasant to read and very well informed, by a specialist who has written a great deal on Plotinus. In particular, he is the author of a book on sense perception (1988) and another on the intellect (2007); while with Stephen Strange, he has translated Ennead VI, 4 and VI, 5, On the Presence of Being, One and the Same, Everywhere as a Whole (2015). After a chronology and a brief introduction, the book contains eleven chapters, dealing with the philosophical topics of intellect, soul, physical world, human being, and ethics.  There are also chapters giving background on Plotinus's life, works, and legacy. The exposition... Read More

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