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Epistemic Contextualism: A Defense

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2018.01.20 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Peter Baumann, Epistemic Contextualism: A Defense, Oxford University Press, 2017, 265pp., $74.00, ISBN 9780198754312. Reviewed by Jonathan Ichikawa, University of British Columbia Epistemic contextualism has grown up. Twentieth-century innovations in semantics (David Kaplan on indexicals) and epistemology (G.C. Stein on relevant alternatives) set the stage for the central contextualist idea, which Stewart Cohen, Keith DeRose, and David Lewis articulated in the 1990s: perhaps the sentences we use to talk about knowledge may express different contents in different conversational contexts. Harry tells Ron what time it is. Parvati, who isn't feeling particularly skeptical, says, "now Ron knows what time it is"; Padma, who isn't quite sure whether Harry should just be taken at his word, says, "Ron still doesn't know what time it is." A contextualist may say that Padma and Parvati both speak truly:... . . .

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