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Unbelievable Errors: An Error Theory about All Normative Judgments

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2018.01.18 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Bert Streumer, Unbelievable Errors: An Error Theory about All Normative Judgments, Oxford University Press, 2017, 256 pp, $60.00, ISBN 9780198785897. Reviewed by Robert C. Koons, University of Texas at Austin What to say about a book whose author frankly admits that its principal claim is literally incredible? It would be churlish not to agree: the main thesis, namely, that there are no normative truths, is well beyond the pale of believability. Can such a book be of any value? Not in the ordinary way -- not, that is, because it successfully marshals convincing evidence in favor of a plausible claim. Nonetheless, the viewpoint of a philosopher is broad enough to encompass the value of paradox, antinomy, and aporia, and for that reason I can endorse the book. Streumer supports his paradoxical conclusion in a three-step argument: (i) normative judgments are cognitive (truth-value bearing), (ii) reductive... . . .

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