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Leibniz on Causation and Agency

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2017.12.16 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Julia Jorati, Leibniz on Causation and Agency, Cambridge University Press, 2017, 224pp., $99.99, ISBN 9781107192676. Reviewed by Marc Bobro, Santa Barbara City College Works in the history of philosophy, including book-length interpretations of Leibniz's thought, typically adopt one of two approaches. At one extreme is the "fossil bed" approach whose sole aim is to determine what a dead philosopher thought. There is no real attempt to judge its philosophical merits nor, especially, to relate its ideas to current developments. This is historical history of philosophy. Daniel Garber's books come to mind. At the other extreme, there is philosophical history of philosophy. Such works are not especially concerned with getting a philosopher right, but to determine whether that philosopher was right. Jonathan Bennett's books represent this tendency. Julia Jorati's book seems a perfect blend of these two. . .

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