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My own collection of usage guides (see image below). I’ve collected quite a few of them since the start of the Bridging the Unbridgeable project in 2011. The aim of the project is to study usage guides and usage problems in British and American English, as well as attitudes to disputed usages like the split infinitive, the placement of only, the flat adverb, and many more. I scavenged every second-hand book shop, not only in Cambridge where I was spending a sabbatical at the time, but, once back home, also in Leiden, where the project set off, and I browsed the internet and online book sites as well. Colleagues who heard about the project presented me with their copies of Fowler’s Modern English Usage, glad to be rid of them, they said. Someone even brought me a box filled with books from her late father’s library, which contained an abridged version of The King’s English and a copy of An A.B.C. of English Usage by Treble and Vallins. A collection of usage guides. Image courtesy of. . .

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