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In Praise of Heteronomy: Making Room for Revelation

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2017.12.13 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Merold Westphal, In Praise of Heteronomy: Making Room for Revelation, Indiana University Press, 2017, 241pp., $30.00, ISBN 9780253026613. Reviewed by R. S. Kemp, Wheaton College Most historical scholarship falls into one of two basic categories. There is, on the one hand, work that operates at the micro level: it aims to explain the finer mechanics of an argument or to document the full-range and nuance of a concept. A second type paints in broader strokes: it takes scholarship of the first kind and attempts to explain its wider importance. It looks to capture the spirit of a thinker at the occasional expense of the letter. This book is an admirable example of the second type. Merold Westphal weaves a convincing historical narrative that raises important questions for contemporary philosophy of religion, especially in the Continental tradition. Westphal’s stated task is... Read More

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