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Nietzsche's Final Teaching

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2017.11.29 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Michael Allen Gillespie, Nietzsche's Final Teaching, University of Chicago Press, 2017, 248pp., $35.00, ISBN 9780226476889. Reviewed by Robin Small, The University of Melbourne This book is plainly the result of many years of study and thoughtful reflection. While it is presented as a series of essays, it is unified by a strongly argued interpretation of Nietzsche's thinking between 1881 and his catastrophic breakdown in 1889. To understand Nietzsche, the author argues, we must recognise the unique mission that he believed was his personal task in life, and to which all his thinking was meant to contribute in one way or another. Western culture, he thought, was heading toward a total collapse, and his own work could play a decisive role, both in bringing on the crisis and in pointing the way to the new order that would come after.

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