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Morals and the military [an excerpt]

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In honor of Veterans Day, we would like to focus on the men and women around the world who have been committed to the defense of their countries and their fellow citizens. Replacing Armistice Day in 1954, this holiday serves to recognize victims of all wars and the US veterans who have served honorably in the military. However, in times of war, the distinction between moral and immoral are unclear, and factors that determine one’s honor are called into question. As retired US Marine Corps General John R. Allen states in the forward of Military Ethics: What Everyone Needs to Know®, “reconciling the necessity of violence and killing in war with our moral values is one of the most demanding challenges we have faced as a nation.” In this excerpt, George Lucas looks at the ethical aspects of some of the duties that military personnel engage in apart from combat. Military forces and personnel are frequently charged, or simply left, with the responsibility of restoring order and clearing up. . .

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