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Drawing the Consequentialism / Deontology Distinction

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I previously mentioned that Setiya's 'Must Consequentialists Kill?' defines consequentialism vs deontology in a way that I think we should resist.  (This is part of what allows Setiya to reach his surprising-sounding conclusion that "consequentialists" aren't committed to killing one to prevent more killings.)  Setiya defines "consequentialism" as the conjunction of two theses:ACTION-PREFERENCE NEXUS: Among the actions available to you, you should perform one of those whose consequences you should prefer to all the rest.AGENT-NEUTRALITY: Which consequences you should prefer is fixed by descriptions of consequences that make no indexical reference to you.I think this is both too strong and too weak.  It is too strong because consequentialism doesn't require agent-neutrality.  Egoism is clearly consequentialist in nature, as are other forms of agent-relative welfarism (e.g. views that are utilitarian at base, but then weaken the strict equality of interests to. . .

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