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The Rise of Realism

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2017.10.26 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Manuel DeLanda and Graham Harman, The Rise of Realism, Polity, 2017, 160pp., $22.95 (pbk), ISBN 9781509519026. Reviewed by Paul M. Livingston, University of New Mexico Construed as a definite description, the title of this book refers to the trend of some recent discussions and projects with roots in recognizably “continental” philosophy, including, in particular, those that have been grouped under the partially overlapping headings of “speculative” and “new” realism, “speculative” materialism, and “object-oriented” and “flat” ontology. Despite having diverse influences and trajectories, these projects have in common a determining commitment to one variety or other of realism about the entities and phenomena of the world. This is understood as excluding the various versions of idealism and anti-realism that have often characterized positions and methods within nineteenth- and twentieth-century “continental”. . .

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