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Transcendence and The Concrete: Selected Writings

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2017.09.17 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Jean Wahl, Transcendence and The Concrete: Selected Writings, Alan D. Schrift and Ian Alexander Moore (eds.), Fordham University Press, 2017, 291pp., $35.00 (pbk), ISBN 9780823273027. Reviewed by Sean Bowden, Deakin University Prior to the publication of this volume, and apart from William Hackett's recent translation of Human Existence and Transcendence (Notre Dame 2016), there existed only a small number of Jean Wahl's works in English. A handful of essays and a monograph, The Philosopher's Way (1948), were written and published in English in the 1940s -- penned during Wahl's wartime exile in the US. Several French essays and books can also be found scattered here and there in English translation, albeit in editions long out of print, such as the Pluralist Philosophies of England and America (1925), A Short History of Existentialism (1949) and Philosophies of Existence (1968). Finally, the keen researcher. . .

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