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What can the Zombie Apocalypse teach us about ourselves? [Video]

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Stories of the Zombie Apocalypse are more than just entertainment. Zombies embody our fears of illness and death, and the stories that revolve around them force us to confront those fears–working almost as a coping mechanism. The following excerpt from Living with the Living Dead analyzes the symbolism behind apocalyptic film and television. In the accompanying video, author Greg Garrett answers the question: why have cultures and societies, over the ages, used images of death and the walking dead to create meaning of their times? Like war stories, like disaster films, like any kind of narrative that revolts and scares yet also delights us, the Zombie Apocalypse offers a laboratory for observing human emotion and experience. Its excess opens up a multitude of responses that don’t get explored in the course of our everyday lives, although these same choices lurk underneath the surface of all our lives. It would seem, then, that in its headline for a recent discussion of The. . .

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