Terrorism, Ticking Time-Bombs, and Torture: A Philosophical Analysis

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2017.08.07 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Fritz Allhoff, Terrorism, Ticking Time-Bombs, and Torture: A Philosophical Analysis, University of Chicago Press, 2012, $46.00, 266pp., ISBN 97800226014838. Reviewed by Christopher W. Morris, University of Maryland Fritz Allhoff's book presents a careful and thoughtful defense of the limited use of torture in certain situations. His defense is in part motivated by the challenges of contemporary, post-9/11 terrorism. It is narrowly focused on the ethics of torture, conceived of apart from policy and law. And he addresses common criticisms of torture. In all, it is a forceful defense of torture, one that should be taken seriously by all interested in the debates about the topic.   The book asks, "What are we able to do to protect ourselves . . . How far can we go to disarm terrorist threats?" Allhoff thinks that "lesser harms are always preferable to greater... Read More

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