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Project positions announcement The project Intuitions in Science and Philosophy hires - 2 postdocs and - 1 PhD student. Application deadline: 01/11/2015. The Sapere Aude project Intuitions in
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Project positions announcementThe project Intuitions in Science and Philosophy hires-        2 postdocs and-        1 PhD student.Application deadline: 01/11/2015.The Sapere Aude project Intuitions in Science and Philosophy, funded by the Danish Council for Independent Research and led by Samuel Schindler, will investigate the role and nature of intuitive judgements in science and philosophy. Whereas intuitive judgements in philosophy have been much debated in recent years, little attention has been paid to intuitive judgments in science. This is where the project will step in. In particular, it will investigate intuitive judgements in thought experiments in physics and in the form of acceptability judgements in linguistics. The results of these investigations will be related to debates about the evidential function of intuitive judgements in philosophy.The project will cooperate with several renowned scholars in the field and organize two major conferences and a workshop. Each of the. . .

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